ScreenPlay Pro HD

Warning: This is a change in the Linux OS of the ScreenPlay Pro HD. Iomega may consider this a reason to void your warranty if do any of the actions listed. It is possible to mess up the operating system enough to make it no longer function. If you make these changes, you do so at your own risk.

Note: Iomega has provided a firmware update program that will restore the drive's firmware and operating system files.

What you do
What it does
Open a Dosbox an a Windows PC or in Linux

telnet IP of your Screenplay

Connect with the Screenplay via Telnet.
For user name, type
Log into the ScreenPlay Pro HD as root user, no password is required (yet ;-).

/bin/mount -no remount,rw /dev/root

Make the Root Filesystem Read write


Allows changinf user password (in this case root one)
Type new root password and press enter
(characters are not echoed)
Type again new root password and press enter
(characters are not echoed)
Type /bin/mount -no remount,ro /dev/root

Make the Filesystem Read only

Type exit Close the telnet connection
Next time you try to telnet as root user, password previously selected will be needed