ScreenPlay Pro HD

Crash while recording AV Input[]

While recording, the player just suddenly stops and reports a "Disk Error". Yet, there is nothing wrong with the disk. You can immediately press record again and it will start recording again. However, sometimes it just locks up while recording, and the screen goes blank.

This appears to be related to the NTFS driver on the unit. It will occasionally leave a file in a state where it is no longer visible to the drive, but is still present but inaccessible to Windows. Do maintenance on it and it will resolve the problem. If this does not fix the problem, please report back to the screenplay forum.

What Iomega should do[]

Iomega needs to use a better NTFS driver on the unit. The current one is the Kernel based driver, which has many problems with it. The NTFS-3G driver is much more stable. (Can somebody link to how to do this please?)

What I can do[]

Format your disk with another filesystem than NTFS. Probably ext2 would be a good solution for recording.

This don't solve the problem. It still crashes.