ScreenPlay Pro HD


If your ScreenPlay Pro HD has a Seagate drive with firmware versions AD14, SD15, SD16, SD17, SD18, or SD19, then your player is probably at a higher risk for suddenly locking up and never booting again. The specific models affected are shown here and you can find out your model and firmware version by going to this topic.

Iomega has not yet addressed this issue.

If your drive as already passed out of warranty, you may want to use these instructions for replacing the drive.

Fixing the problem yourself[]

Warning: This will void your warranty if do any of the actions listed. Even following the directions carefully can result in permanent damage to your unit due to unexpected complications or drive differences. If you make these changes, you do so at your own risk. You should always make a backup of any files you don't want to lose.

If you choose not to wait for iomega to address this issue, then you can remove the hard drive from the ScreenPlay Pro HD, plug it into a computer's SATA connection, and flash a newer Seagate firmware file onto the drive.

You'll need to look at Seagate's instructions for making a boot CD before doing this.

Extract Hard Disk[]

Follow instructions from the article Taking apart the Hard Disk drive

Flashing the new firmware[]

This step applies only to the seagate drives listed as affected. Place the boot CD in your CD Rom drive and power down the computer. Hook up the SATA drive and then boot up the computer. After installing the new seagate drive firmware, you can now reverse the process to put everything back together.