ScreenPlay Pro HD

Warning: This is a change in the Linux OS of the ScreenPlay Pro HD. Iomega may consider this a reason to void your warranty if do any of the actions listed. It is possible to mess up the operating system enough to make it no longer function. If you make these changes, you do so at your own risk.

Note: Iomega has provided a firmware update program that will restore the drive's firmware and operating system files.

This information comes from and has been rewritten here for ScreenPlay Pro HD specific steps. This installs Yet anOther Dummy CTCS torrent client.

The following instructions assume you have you have no familiarity with Linux, but general familiarity with Windows XP or Vista.Please be aware that Linux is case sensitive and you will need to type everything exactly as is.

These instructions are for doing this process manually. IomTools includes this feature and can make the process easier if you do not feel comfortable applying this change.

If you are using Vista or R1.8 firmware, you will need to enable telnet.

1. Download the ctorrent package file.

2. Extract the ctorrent_package directory and contents put it in the top level directory, the \ directory of your media player. If you have done it right, then you will have a ctorrent_package directory in the top level directory and it will have two directories in it, etc and usr with files and/or directories in them.

3. In explorer, create two folder (DOWNLOADS and TORRENT) in the top level directory under the "ScreenPlay" share of your Iomega

4. In explorer, right click on the media player drive and select disconnect if you have a drive mapped to it.

5. Open a telnet session prompt

6. Start ->> Run ->> telnet (replace the IP with your drive's IP address)

What you do
Iomega login:
type root
Warning about not being able to change to the home directory is ok
type mount -o rw,remount / makes the first Linux drive writeable
type cd /tmp/hddmedia/ctorrent_package switches to the media partition, ctorrent_package directory
type cp -r * / copies the contents of the ctorrent_package to the root, including subdirectories and contents.
type chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/dctcs This makes the dctcs file executable.
type chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/ctorrent This makes the ctorrent file executable.
type dctcs This starts executing the dctcs file.
type vi /etc/init.d/rcS1 edits the rcS1 startup file
Move cursor to last line of the file (line 126), last character on the line.
Press the a key in the bottom left corner an I appears. This is insert mode.
Press enter to go to the next line, then type:
This means it will execute dctcs each time it starts up. This step is optional, if you want to start it manually just telnet in and enter the command.
Press esc key In the bottom left corner, the I will change to -
Type :wq Writes the files and exits out of the editor
Type exit logs out of the telnet session

You can then connect to the control web page for your ScreenPlay's torrent client by entering on the URL of your browser (replacing the with the IP address of your ScreenPlay Pro HD). You will still need the :18000 at the end of that. This will bring up an authorization screen. Your username and password are kite by default. You can change this in your ScreenPlay Pro HD by modifying the dctcs.conf file in the /etc directory of the ScreenPlay Pro. You will use vi to edit the file just as you did above for editing the rcS1 file. There is a user name and password as well as other configurable information in that file.

Downloading a Torrent file[]

To download a torrent using the torrent client, copy a torrent file (.torrent) into the TORRENT directory on the ScreenplayPlay media player folder. Connect to the control page of your ScreenPlay and log in  (Your username and password are kite by default). The torrent file will appear on the list of active torrents. Select the torrent by highlighting it and click start to begin  the download (Internet connection required). The file will be downloaded into the DOWNLOADS directory on the ScreenPlay media player folder.

Known Issues[]

As Torrent downloading is memory intensive make sure your swap partition is being used. If not, Dvdplayer application may crash leaving an out-of-memory exception in the system log.

The CTorrent binary is not able to download files larger than 2 GB.

Warning : Use DHCP instead of a fixed IP to assign the address for your ScreenPlay Pro HD. If you don't use DHCP on your ScreenPlay Pro you will have to change the /etc/resolv.conf file each time you turn it on. The resolv.conf file will look something like this:

domain Frodo       

where the domain is replaced with your network name, and the nameserver IP is the DHCP server (often your router).


El archivo de resolución de DNS /etc/resolv.conf es un enlace simbólico, por tanto si rompemos el enlace, se resuelven los problemas de regeneración de este archivo.

rm /etc/resolv.conf

vi /etc/resolv.conf

Esc y :x


Upgrade to Enhanced CTorrent 3.3.2[]

This way you can download torrents larger than 2GB (please note this has nothing to do with the limit of 2GB on smb transfers).

You can get the compiled binary and libraries here

#install dctcs and ctorrent as in the wiki  
#get g++ toolchain from     
#telnet to your SPP and cd to where you've put the rootfs image  

mount -o loop rootfs.mipsel.ext2 /mnt/hdd  

cp /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/hdd/etc/  

(if you get an error try: cp -f /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/hdd/etc/)

chroot /mnt/hdd  

mount -t proc proc /proc  

#get Enhanced CTorrent from SourceForge 


gunzip ctorrent-dnh3.3.2.tar.gz 

tar xvf ctorrent-dnh3.3.2.tar

cd ctorrent-dnh3.3.2/


(if you get an error try first: touch *
and then use: ./configure) 


# get a cup of tea ... it will take a long while


# too soon for another cup of tea?
#now you have to copy ctorrent binary + /lib/
#+ /lib/ + /lib/ + /usr/lib/ somewhere
#and now let's return to our SPP filesystem ...


cp your_folder/ctorrent /usr/local/bin/ctorrent

cp your_folder/ /lib/

mkdir /another_lib

cp your_folder/ /another_lib

cp your_folder/ /another_lib

cp your_folder/ /usr/lib

# now you can run ctorrent on SPP!!!

LD_LIBRAY_PATH=/another_lib ctorrent 

#if you need to double check which libraries are loaded ...